Friday, April 4, 2014

We Have Custom Patio Furniture Cushions Just For You!

If you've been to our site lately, you know that we have Homecrest cushions on sale (10% off, along with our slings!). But if you thought we only offered custom cushions to fit Homecrest outdoor furniture, you should keep reading--we happen to have quite a few different designs and styles of outdoor cushions that will fit just about any better-quality patio furniture!

While we do have quite the variety, Homecrest actually happens to be one of our favorites. We have the perfect solid blue fabric, as well as some snazzy stripes of our own for pillows. Imagine your patio furniture looking like this!

Beautiful Homecrest

We also customize cushions in the "Deep Seating" variety, and offer a few "universal" styles, as well as some outdoor patio cushions based on some popular upscale patio furniture designs, such as the ones in our Malibu and Hill Country collections. Deep-seating patio furniture cushions have become very popular over the last few years. Typically this style of outdoor furniture uses a two piece cushion set with a separate back and bottom, but some of our universal cushions also come in one-piece styles. They fit as well as your original patio furniture cushions did--they're oversized and so completely comfortable, you won't want to get out of them! And they're pretty spiffy-looking, too!


Hill Country

One-Piece Universal Deep Seating

Another popular favorite with Chair Care Patio customers is our Agio replacement cushion collection. These get a little more specific--in other words, they're not "universal" cushions, they only fit certain makes and models of Agio outdoor furniture. Recently we added the Agio Reserve Ashmost, Rochester and Panama Collections to our offerings, along with the Amalfi, Balmoral, Manhattan, Vista and many others! 

We love making these, and so proud of the end results!

Agio Ashcroft
Agio Manhattan
Agio Amalfi

This is by no means everything we offer in the way of cushions--we just wanted to share some of our favorites. All of our patio furniture replacement cushions are made in our shops in Dallas, Texas. We do the work, we're not a middle-man reselling outdoor patio cushions made somewhere else. And that helps us keep prices more affordable while giving you the best quality. We can make a replacement outdoor cushion for just about any style of outdoor patio furniture you may have--just check on our site, in our FAQ or in the actual product section. We can even give you some tips on how to measure correctly for replacement cushions. And don't forget to send us those before/after pics, too--we may even feature them here, or on our Facebook or Pinterest pages.