Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get your patio furniture ready for Winter Storage

In many parts of the country, patio furniture has been stowed away for the Fall and Winter to protect it from the harsh Winter elements. Placing your outdoor furniture investment in a protected area if possible is always the preferred choice. Water and freezing temperatures can cause damage to outdoor patio furniture. Water trapped inside of the metal frame can freeze and expande causing the metal tube to split or crack open. Constant freezing temperatures can also cause vinyl strapping or patio sling fabric to becrome brittle and allow the material to split or break. Unfortuantely not everyone can store their outdoor furniture in a protected area. The next best thing would be to cover your patio chairs and tables with a protective outdoor cover. This keeps the UV Rays of the sun from further deteriorating the frame finish and fabric slings. Chair Care Patio has a great selection of protective covers for patio furniture on the website.

If you have outdoor cushion style patio furniture, cushions should always be cleaned and store for the Winter season. Make sure your patio cushions are clean and dry before you put them away. You can find some great cleaning products for patio cushions on our website. Sunbrella, the most well known manufacturer of outdoor fabrics for patio furniture cushions, recommends using 303 Products. Chair Care Patio carries on the website.


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