Thursday, March 27, 2014

Get Inspired!

We happened upon an article from our local newspaper recently, of homes available in our area. Naturally, what got our attention right away were the patios--some of them are absolutely breathtaking. They really revved us up and made us want to decorate!  We thought perhaps they would do the same for you, so we thought we'd share :-)

Here's a few to get you going--the remainder can be found at this link:

This first picture is of a patio which is part of a 7,000 sq.ft. Mediterranean-styled home--the pool area is obscured here, but you can see the covered seating with an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace. Sweet! The cushions here are deep, too.


Not one, but TWO covered areas! This is the backyard view of a French-inspired villa. Note the lushness of the surroundings, and the outdoor drapes surrounding the pergola. Imagine decorating this!

This is a closer view of the pergola from above. We love the black and white motif, we've got the stripes for this already! 

Finally, this lovely little corner of the city has an outdoor area with a kitchen, complete with a grill--and a saltwater pool! This is pretty wide-open, so you know that umbrella will come in handy.

Ready to tackle your own patios yet? We are--we sure hope this little mini-tour was inspiring. Happy decorating!

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