Friday, March 21, 2014

Quality Cast-Aluminum Patio Furniture--More Versatile Than Ever!

If you're gearing up to purchase some new patio furniture this year, or need to update a piece here or there, why not go with the newer cast aluminum models? Particularly if you're limited on how much to purchase and still get a quality product, this type of furniture might be your best bet. It's much more mobile than cast-iron, because it's lighter in weight. And it really looks classy, too!

Here are three perfectly good reasons to consider cast-aluminum:

Reason 1: Low Maintenance

Good quality patio furniture needs TLC and sometimes, lots of it. It's an investment, and you get out of it what you put into it. And that can get costly, depending on the material used. If you've got pricey woods, they often must be sanded and re-stained with sealant every couple of years or so. If you've painted your wicker in the past, you know it has to be re-done every few years. Aluminum, on the other hand, needs far less maintenance than a lot of other patio furniture types. Typically, you only need to apply some soap, water, and "elbow grease" maybe once or twice a year to the frames, and it will look like new! Let's face it--the less maintenance time you have to spend, the more time you have for fun in the sun!

Reason 2: It Lasts and Lasts

Best reason of all, for any patio furniture--Well-made quality aluminum furniture can withstand the elements. Many are "powder-coated", which gives them a tough, resistant finish and makes them perfect for outdoors. This metal won't chip, splinter, crack, melt or get all saggy and limp, either--so if you've got rough-and-tumble kids or pets, this may be the answer for you. Better yet, if you already have some cast-aluminum patio furniture that is in dire need of new coating, Chair Care Patio also offers powder-coating services for better-quality patio furniture!

Reason 3: Flexibility in Design and Decorating

The sky is the limit these days, with styles and designs of aluminum patio furniture--there is surely one to fit your taste and budget, particularly with our fabric selections. If you're refurbishing some older cast-aluminum, why not consider new cushions and pillows? We can make something that we're sure you will find to be absolutely smashing. If you're really in the mood to splurge, you could even get a couple different sets of cushions and change out the decor during the season! Variety is the spice of life!

Speaking of variety, next up, we'll show you the results of a recent customer with a keen eye for color and a need for a lot of cushions. Stay tuned!

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